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Office Hours with Co-Co Member Jalpa Pandit, Jewelry Designer and GIA Certified Gemologist

Do you own jewelry that was inherited or gifted but just isn’t quite your favorite piece? Or maybe jewelry that is a bit outdated but endearingly rich with sentimental value?

Don’t leave them sitting around, wasting away! Bring these unloved pieces with you and let Jalpa offer you creative redesign ideas based on YOUR JEWELRY STYLE! Transform these jewelry into pieces you will fall in LOVE with and never want to take off!

About Jalpa and Her Company

Jalpa is a jewelry designer and GIA certified gemologist (Gemological Institute of America). After 20 years of working in the corporate jewelry industry with brands such as David Yurman, Tiffany & Co.,, and Hearts on Fire, she decided to start my her jewelry company to passionately pursue the concept of up-cycling jewelry; supporting the dialogue of sustainability by reusing what we already have. On top of bespoke offerings, her specialty lies in creating designs for repurposing jewelry into new legacy pieces.

JPB, based in New Jersey and manufactured in New York City, sources the highest quality materials with the best value for money in every single piece of jewelry design. They also take pride in supporting women entrepreneurs by consciously working with women-owned companies. From our photographer to our illustrator, gemstone vendor, jewelry contractor, web designer and book-keeper: ALL WOMEN POWERHOUSES!

“Jewelry not only has intrinsic value but marks a significant event or a important person. When you redesign or repurpose your unloved jewelry pieces, not only do you still own them with their original significance, you will also want to wear them more often, with even more love and pride. Many retail businesses will charge you an extravagant amount for this service. At JPB, not only do you get a bespoke experience without the crazy price tag (always set within your ideal budget), you also get to be part of the journey of designing YOUR new pieces from scratch to finish - customizing every detail to your liking every step of the way. You will get to review sketches, choose quotes and even hold preliminary 3D print-outs of the jewelry in your hands! Only after you are 100% satisfied with the design then will your piece be manufactured - making the entire experience memorable for a lifetime!” - Jalpa Pandit