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The Co-Co Connection: Artist's Talk and Reception featuring Gail Winbury

An Illustrated Journey: From Psychologist to Artist

Gail Winbury’s art is on currently on exhibition at The Co-Co through a partnership with the Visual Arts Center of NJ. Join us to meet Gail, experience her art, and learn from her inspiring journey of life and career.

Photo credit to Nancy Ori

Photo credit to Nancy Ori

In midlife, Gail Winbury drastically altered her life. She went from a career as a full-time psychologist with a private practice, to becoming a full-time artist. Using her art as illustration, Gail will discuss the roots and reasons for this change. She will demonstrate how psychology informs her practice as an artist. The talk will explore the gains, losses and challenges inherent for a woman switching careers at this time in life. Lastly, Gail will  touch upon how a mid-life second career can impact life style and thoughts/plans for retirement.

5:30 - 6:00 pm Sips and light bites

6:00 - 7:00 pm Artist talk, Q&A

7:00 - 7:30 pm Reception continues

Gail Winbury is an abstract artist with exhibitions throughout the United States and Europe. She has had over 8 solo shows and many group exhibitions in museums, university galleries and other venues. Winbury has won awards including the Curtis Hillyard Memorial Award from the Visual Arts Center of New Jersey. Her work is in both public and private collections in the States, Germany and Italy. Living part time each year in Mexico where she creates art, Gail also has a studio in Manufacturers Village, East Orange.

Gail’s work currently on exhibition at The Co-Co, all photos below by Peter Jacobs, from left to right :

“We Saw Them Dancing in the Kitchen”, 2014-18; Oil, cold wax and charcoal on linen; 53" x 64" inches

Drift, 2017; Oil and charcoal on canvas; 38 x 38 inches

The Body/Mind Question, 2018; Oil, graphite, and charcoal on linen; 38 x 38 inches

Slip Sliding Away, 2016; Oil, pastel, and charcoal on canvas; 48 x 38 inches