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MEMBER EXCLUSIVE: Office Hours with Anne Flugstad-Clarke

What is neurodiversity? How can you support those in your life with a neurological difference like ADHD whose brains operate differently? Did you know that parents of a neurodiverse child are key to the child’s success? What can parents do to allow their child’s strengths to shine and challenges to be minimized? Explore these and other questions you may have with Co-Co member Anne Flugstad-Clarke.

A mother of 3 wonderful kids/young adults with ADHD, and a business owner and entrepreneur, Anne founded Jung Coaching in 2012 as a vehicle for parents to explore what it means when your child is diagnosed with ADHD. With a Masters in Business and Marketing and numerous professional coaching certifications, Anne is well trained and very experienced with ADHD Performance Coaching.

“I have never felt so confused as to when one of my kids, was first diagnosed with ADHD. Surely the doctor got that all wrong!! My kids were all so polite and they could sit still for hours reading, or building blocks. The stigma I could feel when I said my kids had ADHD irritated me, the ignorance I met at doctor's offices and schools, the struggles the kids had to endure at times, ignited my burning passion to get rid of the stigma, to help others, and to continue to be the best support I can be for my highly aware and successful kids. I want to share my expertise, make your journey smoother and spread love and hope - because these neurodiverse kids are truly worth every penny, every second, every everything we can give them. All you need is love....”

Earlier Event: May 22
Wellness Wednesday