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Wellness Wednesday: Resilience Workshop

A rich conversation on ideas, inspirations and skills that can help us all move through challenging times and transitions. Led by co-authors Melanie Curtis, Sarah Walko and Kirsten Kramer of the graphic memoir, With Our Whole Broken Hearts.

Kirsten Kramer is a figurative artist originating from the artist community of DUMBO in Brooklyn, NY ( She developed her interest in figurative work while studying Fine Art at SUNY University of Buffalo. Her work has been displayed in various group and solo exhibitions throughout the US. Her series "Hearts" in her paintings and drawings inspired the heart character in this book. She believes the heart is a symbol of so much more than comfort and connection, but of love, life and death

Sarah Walko is a visual artist, writer, director and curator and has a BA in studio art practices from the University of Maryland and an MFA from Savannah College of Art and Design ( For the past twelve years she has directed and curated for institutions, non-profits and independent projects and she is currently the Director of Education and Community Outreach at the Visual Art Center of New Jersey. In these various positions, as well as in everything she does, she believes in art not as a thing, but as a WAY.  

Melanie Curtis is a speaker, author, life coach and professional skydiver ( helping high-achievers through uncertainty and fear. A Middlebury College and iPec Coaching graduate, Melanie has competed, coached and led large events around the world as a headlining coach with over 11,000 jumps to date. She has built a strong and spirited community over the last 20 years, leading and inspiring others through her message, example, positive energy and comedy. Melanie co-hosts her own growth-minded, spiritually seeking podcast, Trust the Journey ( Melanie has published three books, One Positive Thought Can Change Everything, With Our Whole Broken Hearts and her most significant to date, How to Fly: Life Lessons from a Professional Skydiver. Melanie believes love and hilarity are the two most important things in life, in that order.