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SOLD OUT: Inspiration and Encouragement Cohort: Personal Branding and Leadership Presence

Join JeanAnn Morgan, Principal, JAM Creative Communications, LLC and Founder of the women’s networking collaborative, Women Kick Glass, for a Thursday Conversation on Personal Branding and Leadership Presence. This Workshop is designed to offer participants a highly-engaging experience for creating a mindful approach to understanding one’s personal branding and leadership presence in their personal and professional life.  The Workshop will highlight the importance of assessing and understanding the role and impact of one’s personal brand and is designed to empower individual participants by helping them project more confidence and inspiring them to present one’s best self for optimizing personal and professional effectiveness.  

Rooted in more than 20+ years of global business experience, JeanAnn has designed this program which seeks to help participants feel more in control of how they convey and communicate their personal brand in professional and personal situations. Rich real-world experience and specific tools will be discussed with a focus on the importance of integrating one’s own style and personality in to personal image. Participants will discuss self-assessment strategies for examining professional brand personas and implementing personal brand best practices.

Key areas addressed will include:

  • Understanding executive presence and the power of personal brand image

  • Importance of taking a mindful approach to personal branding and leadership presence while assessing and taking control of one’s personal brand

  • Examining how we communicate our personal brand verbally and nonverbally

  • Discussion of the branding matrix and how it applies to personal branding

Participants will have a dynamic opportunity for participation and Q&A. A pre- and post-Workshop worksheet will be administered for self-reflection, self-assessment and goal setting.

JeanAnn Morgan is Principal of JAM Creative Communications, LLC.  JeanAnn is a “think partner” to global companies and high-performing professionals who brings 20+ years of marketing and branding experience to her clients.  She is expert in brand strategy and has partnered with global companies and Industry leaders to craft compelling, unique and impactful stories that ensure brand narratives resonate with audiences who matter most. JeanAnn leverages her deep experience building corporate and Industry brands to empower individuals so they can better understand and communicate their own personal brand for optimal effectiveness. JeanAnn also is the Founder of Women Kick Glass, a women’s networking collaborative designed to inspire, motivate and cultivate leadership and confidence among professional women.