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Wellness Wednesday: The Anxiety Epidemic: How to Tame the Beast 

Modern life is full of stress, distraction and disconnection. Join Shannon Albarelli, Psy.D., co-owner of QWELL meditation and wellness studio, to learn tools and skills to manage anxiety and help you navigate these challenges with greater ease. This workshop will provide insight on reducing stress, improving attention, aiding sleep and enhancing positive emotions for you and your family.

QWELL is a meditation and wellness studio offering daily guided meditations, wellness related classes, workshops and corporate wellness programs. Shannon Albarelli, Psy.D. and Marcie Handler, Ph.D., two women with years of experience in the health and wellness fields, found that meditation provided a greater sense of calm, presence and clarity to their busy lives. This experience compelled them to create a space and community dedicated to meditation and wellness; a place to unplug, relax and find more balance. Shannon Albarelli, Psy.D., along with being the co-owner of QWELL and The Bar Method Montclair, is a psychologist with a private practice in Summit, NJ. Shannon is highly regarded in her field for her ability to connect, transform and elevate those she works with.