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The Power of WE: Women's Empowerment Through Collaboration

Join Co-Co Co-Founder, Lauren Decker, along with leaders from women-serving organizations including ETTWomenFemCityeWomenBIG, The NJ Yoga Collective, and AOWIE for “The Power of WE” panel discussion about Women's Empowerment Through Collaboration.

Location: ETTWomen and ETTWomen Foundation in Morganville, NJ

Background on the panel: Women who support women are more successful. There is no more time for competition, no more time for envy, and no more time for fear.

It’s almost always true that every woman we meet is fighting a battle we know nothing about. Admiring other women’s strengths actually helps us all come out as stronger individuals.

When one of us wins, we all do. Why? We subconsciously give other women permission and courage to pursue their own dreams.

ETTWomen: The Entrepreneurial Think Thank for Women is a community of women entrepreneurs that network with intention. We learn from and support each other in personal and business development.