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Inspiration and Encouragement Cohort: Allies & Advocates, Building Your Personal Board of Directors

Allies & Advocates, Building Your Personal Board of Directors featuring Jenn Willey, CEO and Founder: Wet Cement

The relationships you forge along the road to success can have a tremendous impact on your professional growth. In this interactive workshop we will identify the critical role sponsors, mentors, peer mentors and allies play in helping you advance your mission and supporting you along the way. We help attendees: 1) understand the value each member of their personal board can provide, 2) build a plan of who needs to be on your board and how you will ask them and 3) create a network of trusted partners who will share a vested interest in your future.   

Attendees will leave with:

  • An understanding of how a personal Board of Directors can help you meet your business goals

  • A roadmap of how to identify each type of board member and the role he/she plays

  • Strategies to help you approach potential advocates and win their support  

Wet Cement Background:

What We Do
Wet Cement offers a full suite of speaking, training, coaching and consulting services designed to help you and your team achieve goals, growth and your potential.

How We Do It

We deliver value through data-driven insights and 1:1 personalized work that transforms behaviors and drives positive change focused on evict your impostor, own your voice and realize your professional and personal dreams.

Why We Do It
At Wet Cement, we believe in leaving a positive impact on the world so everyone can “make their mark” in a way that is personally meaningful yet broadly beneficial. Thus, our purpose is to empower people, teams and organizations to be fearless at work and in life so together we can achieve our potential and make a difference.

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