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Cocktails and Conversation: Navigating Burnout, A Panel Discussion Moderated by Andrea Samacicia Mullan, Founder of Victory Public Relations

The Co-Co Cocktails and Conversation: Join us as The Co-Co gathers thought leaders and experts from across fields in a forum to exchange ideas, spark dialogue, and learn from one another.  

Burnout, the state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by excessive and prolonged stress, is something just about everyone can identify with but is too often dismissed or merely used for fodder for (admittedly hilarious) working mom memes. When, in reality, that feeling of overwhelm we’ve all experienced to various degrees - the one that renders sleep elusive, or impacts our behavior in a million other, seemingly small ways - is actually a serious public health concern the World Health Organization now defines as an actual syndrome that carries a series of associated symptoms related to chronic stress. We will talk to a panel of high-achieving women who’ve got very full plates between high-powered careers, bustling family lives, and miraculously, rewarding social lives (!) about how burnout manifests in their day-to-day, the tools they lean on, and offer actionable advice to the audience to help them avoid the pitfalls of burnout just as we get into one of the most stressful times of the year - the holidays!

What to expect from our panel: Each panelist will be asked to offer specific examples of how they have experienced burnout and share the ways in which they overcame it. Additionally, we will have a medical health specialist evaluate the larger talking points and be on hand to weigh in on the conversation.

Andrea Samacicia Mullan is a passionate entrepreneur who in 2009 founded Victory Public Relations where she leads an award-winning team in providing custom, prestige PR campaigns to increase awareness of and generate valuable buzz for their clients. Her understanding of the media, attention to relationships, and ability to identify trends has powered countless exciting campaigns and the growth of VPR. VPR’s headquarters is located in Summit, NJ where Andrea also lives with her husband and two sons.

Victory Public Relations provides custom, prestige public relations campaigns to increase awareness of and generate valuable buzz for clients and the brands they power.