Co-Co Team Spotlight: Kathy Cowan


Meet Kathy!

Give us your background and your story! We want readers to know a little more about your journey.

I like to say I'm from Williamsport, PA however I need to embrace that I'm a Jersey girl, having lived in Madison NJ for 23 years, longer than PA!! Graduated from Villanova University (GO CATS!) with degree in Finance. Over the years I've worked for a business consulting firm and two HR companies where I specialized in college recruiting and staffing. Volunteering and my family(3 kids, 2 very bad dogs and 1 husband) took the forefront for many years. But now I'm pivoting...inspired by our engaged and talented community. Showing up and thrilled to be a part of our members dreams, ambitions, and bright futures.

Tell us about what you do, so readers know how you could potentially help them

When you are at The Co-Co, let me assist you with getting to know our other members, tell you about our Upcoming Events, listen to your ideas, introduce you to our Member Perks, help you navigate The Co-Co APP, give you a tour, hopefully help you with any technology issues :) but I will always be eager to help , listen and laugh with you!!!

How did you hear about The Co-Co and what prompted you to join and get involved?

I heard about the Co-Co thru my dear friends. Who doesn't want to be involved with a women-led business? And a business that is part cool co-working space, part social club, part learning community. The Co-Co launched at a time in my life when I was looking for a pivot; changing from family focused, volunteer driven life to re-entering the workforce. I don't think I'm alone in thinking we all need a space like The Co-Co. Whether you're working from home, launching a business, or tackling that To- Do list on your kitchen island; all of that work can be daunting and lonely at times thus the need for The Co-Co. I was All In to join as a member, (the calendar of events was the biggest draw, especially the Social Impact Series) then one of the co-founders approached me to be a Co-Co Community Lead. The team at The Co-Co and all of our members have created a Community that I am beyond proud to be a part and inspired by everyday.

Why you love co-working and the Co-Co!

Hmmm where to begin... I love working at The Co-Co because every day you learn something new. I am constantly amazed with people’s backgrounds and accomplishments. Our speakers have been amazing: CEOs, Principals, Artists, Teachers, Newscasters and Doctors....However, what I love most of all is watching first hand the connections made with our members; at a community breakfast, a Social Impact Evening or just within normal co-working hours; witnessing collaborations. With the negativity sometimes happening outside The Co-Co, within our walls people genuinely want to help each other, whether it's an idea for someone's new enterprise, a volunteer opportunity or even just a small gesture of sharing quarters to squash that parking ticket! Least I forget, I would be remiss not to mention I LOVE THE COFFEE!!

lynne Pagano