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 Community Impact


The Co-Co Founding Team is committed to leveraging our space as a gathering place for thought leadership on a wide range of topics, but we are especially committed to leading a conversation around addressing pressing social issues.  

The Co-Co Founders all have strong ties to the non-profit community.  Among our leadership team, we have current and former board members, foundation leaders, volunteers, and non-profit professionals.  

Through Social Impact Panel events, non-profit membership, and scholarships, we endeavor to extend the reach of The Co-Co to increase the diversity of talent and perspectives in our community and to provide opportunities for our members to get involved in efforts supporting the broader community beyond the four walls of our space.

Social Impact Panel

Through Social Impact Panels, The Co-Co provides a gathering place for education around the current trends and key players addressing pressing social issues.  In these events, we aim to provide points of connection and potential for impact between the action-oriented Co-Co membership and the non-profits serving the broader needs of the community.  Check our event calendar for upcoming events in this series.

Social Impact Panel Partners Include:



West Side High School


Non-profit membership

The success of The Co-Co community is connected to that of the broader community.  We welcome the non-profit professionals who are working to support a thriving New Jersey by offering a limited number of discounted memberships.  

If you are currently working for a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, you are eligible for a 10% discount on yearly membership at any level with a copy of your organization's IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity letter and a signed letter of employment.


The Co-Co aims to support and inspire awesome women throughout Northern New Jersey, regardless of ability to pay. Look out for an announcement and details on how to apply for Co-Co scholarships within our first year.