Want to participate in Co-Co events? 

Sharing successes, challenges, and expertise amplifies whatever members are working on and encourages others in their endeavors.  We would love to have you involved at The Co-Co!

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Interested in sharing your expertise or product offering at The Co-Co?  Let’s do this!  Options for you to consider:

  1. Host Your Own Workshop at The Co-Co

  2. Participate in a Co-Co Pop-Up Shop Event

  3. Lead a Co-Co Signature Co-Learning Event

  4. Rent the Co-Co Space for Your Event

  1. Host your own workshop at The Co-Co (on left, picture of workshop in conference room from “website photos” album)

Leverage the beautiful Co-Co setting to complement your brand in a workshop or presentation with clients and/or prospects.  Reserve The Co-Co conference room (seating 10 people around the table) for up to four hours during business hours (Monday-Friday 8:30am-5:30pm).  We’ll provide the space, the rest is up to you!  Promote, ticket, and price your event to best serve your business objectives.  

Members may also take advantage of Co-Co promotion channels to spread the word: 

  • Announce your event at a member breakfast or social hour

  • Post on the community board app and in-space bulletin board

  • Apply for inclusion in the Community and Partner Events section of our weekly email blast. [link to application page].

Reserve the conference room on The Co-Co app using conference room time included in co-working memberships or rent the space at the hourly member rate ($45/hr.).

Not a member?  Check out options for membership here.  If now is not the right time for membership, non-members may reach out to team@theco-co.com to rent the conference room for $60/hr.

2) Showcase your Brand at a Co-Co Pop-Up Shop Event (on left, photo of Jocelyn in pop-up boutique)

The creative Co-Co membership lead a wide range of product and service-based businesses.  Co-Co Pop-Up Shop Events provide a venue for members to showcase their brand and product offering at The Co-Co.  Get the word out about your business by introducing yourself to the influential Co-Co community and friends of The Co-Co from across New Jersey.  

The first Co-Co Pop-Up Shop will be held on the evening of Wednesday, December 4th, from 7-9pm, timed for holiday shopping (and New Year’s resolutions for self-improvement!) with a festive, holiday party atmosphere.  Participating businesses will line the perimeter of The Co-Co space, and guests may mix and mingle over drinks and nibbles while learning about your product or service.   

Ready to align your brand with The Co-Co at our Pop-Up Boutique?  Register (spaces are limited, so early registration is recommended) and send us some details on your business.  

  1. Reserve your spot (eventbrite link). Upon registration, we will request some details on your unique offering for The Co-Co Pop-Up so we can promote your participation in this event.

Members: $50

Non-Members: $125

3) Apply to lead a Co-Co Signature Co-Learning Event  (on left, Include photo of mariel from website photos in front of the powerpoint slide, “how to transform your business”)

Beyond a physical space to get things done, The Co-Co offers events and curated programming for our community to connect, collaborate, and grow both personally and professionally.  Co-learning provides our community with the support and resources needed to continue to build on whatever they’re working on.

Members benefit from first preference to anchor signature Co-Co events.  This approach furthers the intent of our community.  Each member gives and gets in equal measure by being involved.  Moreover, members’ potential to share their business (and gain access to our influential membership) is a benefit of their investment in The Co-Co.

We have limited spots available for featured speakers in any given month.  Co-Co signature programming is booked well in advance to allow ample time and access for our community.  In addition to The Co-Co promotions, we ask that featured speakers promote their event at the The Co-Co within their networks and on social media (tagging @theco-conj).  

We feature expert speakers at the following signature events:

  • The Thursday Conversation: Moderated discussions from 10:45am-12pm on Thursdays, including

    • The Entrepreneur Cohort (1st Thursday) (link to this description in event overview)

    • Inspiration and Encouragement Cohort (3rd Thursday) (link to this description)

    • Writers’ Cohort (4th Thursday) (link to this description)

Held in The Co-Co conference room, these co-learning events encourage sharing of successes, challenges, and vulnerabilities.  Participants gain tools for the journey and confidence from the knowledge that they are not alone in your efforts.  Contributors provide expertise to promote skill-building and personal and professional growth.  In this way, 

  • Office Hours: Subject matter experts, from web designers, social media, and wellness professionals to coaches, lawyers, and parenting experts host office hours offering one-on-one time slots for members to learn from their expertise and move forward in whatever they are building.

    • Offered the third week each month and periodically based on expert availability.

  • The Co-Co Cocktails and Conversation: These evening events feature thought leaders and experts from across fields in a forum to exchange ideas and spark dialogue. These events range from salon dinners to panel discussions and guest speakers.

    • Offered The first Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm.

Apply here to lead a Co-Co Thursday Conversation, Office Hours, or Cocktails and Conversation event.