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The Co-Co™ is building a community to support you wherever you are on your journey of working, learning, and growing into your fullest self.


We are a women-led local business with female-forward content, community, and design. Our members are energized to join the movement to support women at all stages of life and career.

How can we best support you where you are today?  We invite you to take a step:


How can we best support where you are today? 


Thank you from The Co-Co Co-Founders!

Whatever your next step is, know that you have a place to go to focus on your ambitions and a tribe of benevolent supporters there to encourage you and light you up along the way. 

At The Co-Co, we will celebrate goals reached, businesses launched, and dreams realized.  We will celebrate YOU.  Know that we are here for you, we believe in you, and you are not alone in your efforts.  We’ve got your back!

I will be trying to make all the members happy.  I cannot wait to work with all of you to learn, grow and have fun.
— Lynne Pagano
Through The Co-Co, I look forward to hearing our members’ stories… to help them feel supported and encouraged on their own journey, so that they can pursue their ambitions and passions alongside other bright, brilliant, fun women.
— Lauren Decker
I am inspired by you and the magic created by this beautiful celebration of women, relationship, empowerment, and possibility.
— Suzanne Willian