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The Co-Co is a community first with the benefit of a physical space to gather. Our annual memberships, billed monthly reflect this commitment to growing, learning, and developing together.  Month-to-month options are also available.  

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I was craving more COmmunity and COnnection ...and up popped The Co-Co! While I love having my own business, I missed having a go-to community, and working with and learning from smart people, like I had in corporate. Plus I wanted to get out more socially. The Co-Co is giving me all of this professionally and personally. I also LOVE learning new things and The Co-Co is really hitting the mark with the right balance from the writer’s workshops to their recent social evening about education inequality.
— Deborah Munies, Co-Co Member and Life Coach
After 18 years in the hospitality industry, I hit the pause button to take on the most important job… being a mom. Now, with a 4.5 year old and 16 month old, it was time to get back into the business layer of who I am… with a twist. I joined The Co-Co because it immediately felt like a community. The programming of events, the welcoming space, and most of all, the people! I know that being around other beings that have such drive, passion, and knowledge will keep me accountable for being my best self. If not now, then when? When the time is right. And the time is right for me.
— Heidi Okada, Co-Co Member and Global account executive, Conferencedirect
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