Early Access Discounts--Reserve your Spot in The Co-Co

Thank you for your interest in joining the movement to support women at all stages of life and career.  We are creating this powerful network of mentors, friends, advocates, co-workers, and co-learners with you and for you.  We want to build on the momentum we’ve built together.  Join us in fueling the success of The Co-Co community on the road to launching! 

Joining today reserves your spot at The Co-Co, drives the build out of the physical space we are creating, and provides a groundswell of support for this local business.

Through the end of the year, we are inviting a limited number of members the opportunity to reserve their spot.  These members will have access to The Co-Co from the moment we open our doors.

Charter members: Thank you for your early investment in The Co-Co! 

  • In addition to waiving your initiation fee ($75), you will receive a 10% discount on any annual membership level.  Your annual membership fee will be billed in automatically in monthly increments. 

  • You will receive an invitation for you and a guest to our launch party in the New Year. 

Founding members: We invite you to join us! 

Community members:

  • Your first day pass is on us!  Plus,

  • You will receive an invitation for you and a guest to our launch party in the New Year.

Co-working members (Part-time and Full-time)

  • We will waive your initiation fee ($75), and

  • You will receive an invitation for you and a guest to our launch party in the New Year.

Click here to secure your place in the community by placing your deposit.  You will not be charged until 2/1/19. 


The Co-Co community is a gift to every member. Would you like to share this gift with a woman in your life? Your gift will encourage her on her journey and provide resources, advocates, time and a space to further grow and develop--whether she is a recent graduate, busy entrepreneur, or looking for what’s next.

Welcoming ALL to our community:

Events: Not the right moment for membership? Join us for Co-Co events. Beyond a physical space to come and get things done, The Co-Co will offer opportunities to connect, collaborate, and a full calendar of events and workshops with content like mentorship, wellness, social media and marketing, parenting, financial planning, entrepreneurship, technical skill building and the like.

Get inspired, broaden your network, and get ideas to propel you forward wherever you are on your journey. Co-Co events will be open to non-members for purchase.

Non-profit membership: The success of The Co-Co community is connected to that of the broader community. We welcome the non-profit professionals who are working to support a thriving northern New Jersey by offering a limited number of discounted memberships. If you are currently working for a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, you are eligible for a 10% discount on yearly membership at any level with a copy of your organization's IRS 501(c)(3) tax-exempt entity letter and a signed letter of employment.

Scholarships: The Co-Co will support and inspire awesome women--while increasing the diversity of talent of our community--throughout Northern New Jersey with Co-Co scholarships. Your membership encourages others in their journey, regardless of ability to pay. Our first scholarships will be awarded in summer 2019 following an application process.