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POSTPONED Due to Rain: Curated Art Walk with Summit Public Art (details to follow)

Gail Winbury,  Slip Sliding Away,  2016; Oil, pastel, and charcoal on canvas; 48 x 38 inches, Photo by Peter Jacobs

Gail Winbury, Slip Sliding Away, 2016; Oil, pastel, and charcoal on canvas; 48 x 38 inches, Photo by Peter Jacobs

Meet up at The Co-Co for a summer evening of cocktails and conversation followed by a curated art walk with Co-Co member and Summit Public Art Committee Co-Chair, Estelle Fournier. Admire and learn about the art installations throughout town.

Continuing with the theme of public art, also meet contemporary abstract artist Gail Winbury. Gail’s work is currently on exhibit at The Co-Co and available for purchase through a partnership between The Co-Co and the Visual Arts Center of NJ.

5:00 pm Social Hour at The Co-Co

5:30 pm Depart for Art Walk

6:15 pm Return to The Co-Co, Social Hour continues with an introduction of Gail Winbury and her work

Summit Public Art is a volunteer-based city organization whose mission is to bring art to public spaces throughout Summit.  Founded in 2002 as the Mayor’s Partnership for Public Art, its mission is to enhance our cityscape, infusing it with assorted contemporary art installations that provide public art experiences to those who live, work in, or visit Summit.

These aesthetic experiences enrich citizens’ quality of life, creating community ties and pride.  They differentiate Summit from surrounding communities. Public art is unique in that it is truly free to all, inspiring curiosity and wonder, rest and contemplation.

Over the past fourteen years Summit Public Art has installed over 65 pieces of temporary art throughout the community, The artists represented include many of national and international renown. The committee has also sponsored and facilitated two permanent installations on Broad Street: three bus shelters and the Gateway Tree sculpture welcoming people to town.


Gail Winbury’s background as a psychologist strongly influences her career as an artist. She blends universal and subjective experience, memory, emotion, and psychological theory with abstraction. Using abstract painting, drawing and collage, she merges the boundaries of painting, sculpture, and drawing, breaking the 2D picture plane. Lilly Wei, international art critic and journalist writes: “Experimenting is easy for her, integral to her approach to painting, which depends upon intuition as well as more calculated decisions. What is most significant to her is to continue to find new ways to animate her paintings, to give them emotional edge, to meaningfully convey narratives that are often biographical. Winbury’s art espouses themes that are psychological and philosophical, exploring states of being, probing the big questions. Each of her paintings always holds her essential premise, founded on uncertainty and intangible longings, on the complexity of the human condition” (2016, in Gail Winbury: Paintings, Drawings and Travel Paintings, ed. Mary Scotti, 73 See Gallery, Montclair, NJ)

Winbury currently resides in New Jersey with a studio in East Orange. She lives part of every year in San Miguel de Allende, Mexico. She studied at the School of Visual Arts, the Provincetown Museum School, and around Europe. She also studied for 15 years with Chinese American artist Dorothy Yung, an influential mentor and teacher. She has had more than 8 solo exhibitions in regional museums, universities and galleries throughout the United States and Europe. She will have a two-person exhibition this fall at the College of Morris. Winbury has been awarded several artist residencies and awards including a residency at the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, The Curtis Hillyard Memorial Award (2001), and several Curators Choice Awards (2015, 2016, and 2019). Her work is featured in numerous publications including a book of Bach’s Cello Solos and two blogs: “Painters Talking Painting” and “Art Spiel”. Winbury’s paintings and collages are in public and private collections in the United States, Germany, Mexico, and Italy.