Co-Working at The Co-Co

Beyond events to fuel their personal and professional growth, our members gain the most momentum in whatever they are building by being in The Co-Co space.  Co-working here is about a lot more than work.  It's about community, inspiration, and support.  Whether you’re working on your next (or first!) book, huddling with co-founders on your business plan, or catching up with a friend over coffee, The Co-Co provides a gathering place for connection and camaraderie--a home away from home for your ideas, passions, and ambitions.  (This text over this photo: 0078)

The 3,000 sq. ft. Co-Co workspace is your home away from home.  In a free-standing, downtown building surrounded by windows, you’ll find beautiful design and artwork, complimentary snacks and coffee, and comfortable seating PLUS everything you need to focus on your bright ambitions.  The amenities of an office (charging stations, reliable, fast WiFi) and the creativity, energy, and sense of possibility that comes from gathering with this action-oriented community.  This is your place to focus on YOU.

Phone Booths (0152)

Conference Room (0282)

Kitchen (0169, 0384, 0979, 0393)

Open workspace with privacy chairs, comfy lounges, communal tables, sunny banquettes

(0067, 0043, 0103, 0086, 0181, 0064)

Want to check out the space for yourself?  Sign-up for a tour! [link to “come see us”]

Schedule a time to get to know us a bit better and see The Co-Co space in downtown Summit.  We would love for you to join us for 2 hours of complimentary coworking after your tour. Bring your laptop and to-do list, we’ll have a light-filled room and hot coffee waiting for you.

Ready to join us?  We’re here to support and inspire you.  Check out membership options and perks [include links here]

Interested in renting The Co-Co space?  Check out options here [link to space rentals page].